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WebHow to Use Tradingview for Forex | Complete Trading Tutorial. 📈FREE Case Study “Quitting Your Job To Trade Full-Time” In this Bangkok Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins Web30/5/ · log into TradingView with your credentials; go to and open the Trading Panel; select as a Web2/4/ · Pine Script Mastery Course: Pine Script Basics Course: ... read more

This is Richard, as known as theSignalyst. Here is a detailed update top-down analysis for NZDJPY. Which scenario do you think is more likely to happen? and Why? Always follow your trading plan regarding entry, risk management, and trade management.

Good Luck!. All Strategies Are Good; If Managed Properly! AUDUSD has been trading in a down-trend. However, the trend seems to be having a deep pull-back. For the pattern to be complete, bulls are expected to show up around the key level. I'll be monitoring this chart for a long position, it's too late to short. Trade safe, Trader Leo. USDCAD - Classic bearish setup - Our team expects fall SUGGESTED TRADE: Swing Trade Sell USDCAD Entry - 1.

Here's a trade idea for the beginning of this week, Monday, November 21st, Abbreviations BSLQ : Buyside Liquidity SSLQ : Sellside Liquidity FVG : Fair Value Gap MSS: Market Structure Shift Analysis - Nice order flow on the 1hr chart - 2 MSS in a row confirming the shift in NZDJPY The price is near the strong resistance zone.

It is expected that there is a chance that the price will fall in the short term, sell the red zone, the first target is Nevertheless, the improved risk tone has provided a welcomed respite for the AUD, copping its recent decline with AUDUSD holding steady throughout the session above the 0.

Predictions and analysis. Videos only. RLinda Premium. When to short? Investroy Premium. NZDJPY: BEARISH Market Analysis! Looking for REVERSE. ProSignalsFx Premium. What next? TradingStat Premium. XAUUSD Gold : All Target Reached?

ArmanShabanTrading Premium. NZDJPY - Video Top-Down Analysis! TheSignalyst Premium. AUDUSD, a setup for the bulls. Leo-btm Premium. I have recently had some questions on some of the basics such as moving averages.

First of all, there is some great free content out there via sites such as Babypips I wanted to share some simple info to at least explain what a moving average is. Where it is used and what are the types of. Moving average is a simple, technical analysis tool. Moving averages In this video I cover the basics of the support and resistance levels and how to chart it out, If you enjoyed this video please like it and share it with your friends.

Also please drop a comment, feedback, suggestion for me to cover or just to work on, and that would be much appreciated. Next video I'll cover the Fibonacci retracement and extension to plot Decided to start posting content.

Going from Basics to more advanced topics, little by little. If you're just starting to learn how to trade, here's the first thing you should know. What's a candle? A candlestick is a type of price chart used in technical analysis that displays the high, low, open, and closing prices of a security for a specific period.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, this is my opinion. I started out thinking this would be a quick, one or two short paragraph post but then I ended up writing nearly words. Hi all, I know i am abit late with the video feature but better late than neverrrr! In this video i have covered the key trading time frames and the things you should be looking out for. What would you like me to cover? leave your comments below and i will get back to everyone!

How to spot a trend - how to understand when it is "broken" and to invest in the other direction. Hi this is my approach to the market. Prepare this list for yourself before trading: - Good broker - Good mental books to help you my recommendation Zen in the markets is a must - Good trading idea - Good risk management - Good rules - And always learn new ideas and back test it - And learn to manage your life you need no distractions so do the things you need Introduction Bitcoin, the world largest digital currency, was launched in and currently reached a market cap of over billion dollars.

Unlike the fiat currencies that we are familiar with, owned or controlled by central banks, Bitcoin has no central Hello my friends! This education lesson is more for beginners, as I am too. Many new people have no clue about analysis, as begining. I did same mistake. ICX , or ICON now reach strong support at 4h timeframe. Its decide-point, which direction will continue. I like to share my approch. Usually, I just change chart to smaller timeframe here are2 hours Education and research.

Videos only. The Art of Technical Analysis for Beginners part 2. TheForexNinja Pro. Simple Technical Analysis for Beginners.

Trading in recent years has changed drastically. To go back just ten years ago, most traders made calls based on their mental analysis of the market and very small amounts of data. Only a very limited group of people and large hedge funds had access to the crucial data. In this article, we will help you navigate the service and introduce all the tools available to you. To use the platform, first you need to be able to navigate the main screen. We have divided it up into sections for your ease of interpretation.

These are articles written by TradingView editors about the platform itself, economical news or news that could influence your trades. Although the majority of these articles will be about the TradingView, it would be useful to have a quick browse to see if there are any articles that could give you information to execute your trades.

The market summary is surrounded by our red outlined box. This shows the relative movements and price of different assets within different timestamps. You can change the time period or the types of assets you would like to see. These will normally display information on established or popular assets. Talking of the sidebar, it is encompassed by our purple rectangle. There are many tools available which you can play around with. We will highlight some of the most useful ones.

This feature allows you to add different assets to your watch list and follow their price movements. Here you can set alerts for when the items in your watchlist reach a certain price which could trigger a sale or a buy. Hence, you can find public chat where you can meet like-minded traders of the same asset. You can also choose to have a private chat with someone to ask for advice or discuss trading. Furthermore, you can also watch people streaming themselves trading.

This feature is very useful for new traders who want to gain experience. It is like being in a trading class for the cost of… nothing! The header is surrounded by our blue outline. There will be a rating with information about fees and minimum deposit allowing you to choose the one that best aligns with your goals.

For each heading there will be drop-down menus that will redirect you to other pages to explore them further. However, the first element of the header is the most important as it will allow you access to the chart of your chosen asset and you can start doing the necessary analysis for your trades. One of the main reasons people use TradingView is the ability to manage charts. In this section we will introduce you to all the tools available in TradingView. In the illustration above you can see the overall layout of the chart section.

TradingView offers indicator templates to get you started if you do not yet know how to set up the charts. On top surrounded by a blue box are pre-built tools present to you.

The first two icons on the left allow you to change the length of the graph how many days it covers and the different configurations of a candlestick chart depending on your preferences. If you click onto the third icon, you can compare the performance of your current asset to another asset. This is especially helpful in forex trading as you can look at the performances of different currency pairs.

There will be a dropdown menu that allows you to choose from more than one hundred indicators to add to your chart analysis.

They also come with short, one paragraph definitions to help you learn on the spot. The fifth icon is one of the most useful features in TradingView for a beginner — indicator and analysis templates. These are templates created by TradingView users, hence you should also be careful about its reliability.

Having said that, there are templates published by experienced traders and experts. Those will accelerate your trading learning curve. Once you are comfortable with making your own analysis on the charts and feel like the, you can start looking into the drawing tools. On the left hand side — labelled by a red box are the tools available to you to draw on the graph. It will take some exploring and getting used to but the plethora of tools available will ensure the most convenient trading experience.

TradingView is a holistic trading platform that offers all services ranging from chart analysis to networking with other traders. Getting used to a complicated platform may be a difficult task for most beginners. However, the platform offers great support for this group of traders with built-in analysis functions and streams that could help them learn from more experienced traders.

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Web2/4/ · Pine Script Mastery Course: Pine Script Basics Course: WebHow to Use Tradingview for Forex | Complete Trading Tutorial. 📈FREE Case Study “Quitting Your Job To Trade Full-Time” In this Bangkok Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins Web30/5/ · log into TradingView with your credentials; go to and open the Trading Panel; select as a ... read more

Also, thanks to TradingView, you will never have to trade alone again. There are many TradingView Forex brokers that offer traders direct access to this cloud-based charting platform. You have access to more than 50 stock exchanges, more than 30 most popular crypto exchanges, financial and economic data, real-time news from leading sources, and economic and earning calendars. For more trading tips, follow me on Instagram. GET YOUR BONUS. Past performance of any results does not guarantee future performance. Get on the list.

Investroy Premium. NZDJPY: BEARISH Market Analysis! However, if you are a total beginner, most of the services that are offered through this account simply are not needed. All Strategies Are Good; If Managed Properly! We have divided it up into sections for your ease of interpretation. Which scenario do you think is more likely to happen? How to spot a trend - how to understand when it is "broken" and to invest in the other direction.